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Laserline is one of the pioneers in diode laser technology. Founded in 1997, the German company grew within only a few years to becoming an international leading developer and manufacturer of diode lasers for industrial applications. As of today, about 4,500 Laserline diode lasers have been delivered worldwide. Laserline currently employs 350 people and has international subsidiaries on the American continent (USA, Brazil) and in Asia (Japan, China, South Korea) as well as sales partners in Europe (France, Italy, Great Britain) and in the Asia-Pacific region (India, Taiwan, Australia).

Typical application areas are metal welding, brazing, hardening or softening, as well as realization or repair of coatings. Furthermore, Laserline diode lasers have been established for plastic welding, additive manufacturing and welding of fiber composites. Users can be found in the automotive industry, engineering, tool and mold-making as well as in aerospace and heavy industry.

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Laserline, international leading developer and manufacturer of diode lasers, makes laser systems for industrial material processing. Yet again, the trend for higher diode laser classes is confirmed. At the compact LDM laser systems, Laserline shows off a new product generation that now offers 50 percent more laser power in a 7 RU - 19" rack mount system. Up to 6 kW laser power in less than 100 liters installation space sets a new standard for high power lasers and opens up more possibilities for system integration.

With the LDF series Laserline is setting the benchmarks for high power diode lasers. 25 kW laser power in less than one square meter footprint. Now even at high beam qualities: 7 kW out of a 600 µm fiber at NA 0.1 in a compact and mobile system configuration.

A further emphasis of Laserline’s product portfolio is the LDF series with beam converter technology for high brilliance now upgraded with the newest system technology and integrated in a new housing VG66.

Diode Laser System LDF VG6 – The modular laser platform

Laserline is the international leading manufacturer of laser diodes for industrial materials processing and sets a new benchmark for high power diode lasers: The modular LDF VG6 series is versatile in use, offers 25 kW laser power in less than one square meter footprint and an electrical efficiency up to 50 percent – even at high beam qualities. Whether power, internal or external cooling system or system interfaces: The LDF series can be individually configured to changing requirements.

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Diode Laser System LDM – compact, powerful and reliable

Many laser operators require compact but reliable systems that also deliver high laser power. This balancing act is perfectly achieved by the Laserline LDM diode laser series that sets a new dimension benchmark with a 7 RU-19” (6,000 W diode laser) or an even smaller 5 RU-19” (4,000 W diode laser) rack module. The LDM system combines laser head, power supply of the diodes, monitoring-controller as well as a cooling system and is ideal for welding, hardening or mobile repair welding.

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Laserline OTS Optics – Modular tools for materials processing

The Laserline modular processing optics are variable in use, guarantee a robust continuous operation and boast a wide range of applications, from welding and brazing to surface treatment and the production of fiber composite components. For cladding, repair welding or additive manufacturing different powder nozzles can be combined with the Laserline optical system. With their flexible adaptability the Laserline process optics meet various process requirements and boundary conditions.

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