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News & Innovations

SCHÜSSLER TITANIUM shrink fit holder with anti-pullout safety - best solution for HPC milling in hard material like Inconel, Hastelloy, Hardox and in Titanium and high alloyed Aluminum. Only an easy surface has to be grinded on the cutting tool (free drawing / no licence) and you can use the patented holder like regular standard shrink fit holder and make your cutting process 100% sure without additional licence or cutting tool system.

SCHÜSSLER HAWK EYE the high precision ER collet chuck is an alternative to several other types of holders like hydraulic or e.g. shrink fit chucks. It achieves a double clamping force compared to a regular ER collet chuck. By using a high-quality ER collet with 0,002 repeatable accuracy this holder achieves a runout of <=0,003 at 2,5 x D. No special “system” required! As well an option for trochoidal milling.

Exhibitor: Karl Schüssler GmbH & Co. KG