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Small, inexpensive and efficient – the vario flex pneumatic workpiece ejector

Clamping specialist Hainbuch is now offering users of its mini series, or the earlier Toplus or Spanntop chucks from Hainbuch, clever part that saves time and costs into the bargain. The vario part and vario quick end-stop systems, already in the product portfolio, are joined by a third variant: the vario flex. The pneumatic workpiece ejector ejects the workpiece from the chuck automatically. The pneumatic workpiece ejector depth can be adjusted flexibly by means of a clever retaining mechanism and positioned in the machine exactly as required for the workpiece. This automated function increases process security and reduces cycle times. The vario flex workpiece ejector can also be used as a basic end stop for coolant wash or air flush. To do this the pneumatic spring is removed and a feed tube is attached. The optional workpiece-specific end stop with holes for the wash and air flush can then be mounted directly on this flexible interface.

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