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Kaindl Schleiftechnik offers a wide range of high quality grinding machines for most of the main industries. In our companies site, we manufacture a wide range of grinding machines. Starting from our manual operated entry level models across to our professional sharpening machines up to our high-tech NC our CNC operated Universal grinding machine.

Productos y servicios

  • Grinding devices and re-sharpening machines for various cutting tools.
  • Tugsten grinder for TIG-Electrodes
Drill grinding machine BSG 20

Versatility coupled with robustness and precision. Convince yourself of the efficiency of our latest basis machine.
• Fast, easy handling
• approved, patented reversing prism system that guarantees the highest
possible accuracy and cutting edge symmetry
• sharpens all drills (special bits as well), step drill bits, sheet metal and wood drills, two edged milling bits, from HSS or tungsten carbide (Widia)
• from Ø 2mm to 20mm

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Drill grinding machine BSG 60

For drills from Ø 3 – 60 mm. Precise, no servicing, 4 point linear guideways. Spindle system with adjustable needle bearings.
• Prism quick action system.
• guarantees quick and simple handling
• proven patented reversing prism system, that guarantees the highest possible accuracy and cutting edge symmetry
• sharpens all drills (also special forms), step drill, sheet metal drill, wood drill, milling bits from HSS and tungsten carbide (widia)
• Capazity Ø 3mm to 40mm (60mm)

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Tungsten grinder for TIG-Electrodes

The Kaindl tungsten grinding machine WIG 4 grinds WIG tungsten electrodes lengthwise accurately and easily. Due to the automatic drive and feed mechanism of the electrode grinding machine, and the automatic electrode drive, centered grinding to the central axis in the longitudinal direction is guaranteed.
Grinding tungsten needles in industrial quality -- you get a clean, stable arc after grinding and a considerably longer service life.

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Kaindl Schleiftechnik Reiling GmbH
Remchinger Str. 4
75203 Königsbach-Stein

Teléfono: +49 7232 40010
Fax: +49 7232 400130
Internet: www.kaindl.de
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Persona de contacto

Henrik Reiling
Managing Director
Teléfono: +49 7232 44010
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Novedades & Innovaciones

CNC 4-axis Universal grinding machine

This machine is equipped with a high-performance PC incl. touchscreen and digital jogwheel. This PC controls three linear- and one rotary axis simultaneously. The geometry of grinding is flexibly programmable by G-code. For cutters up to Ø 150 mm, cutter grinding on face, spiral, as well as chip space Built on steady IPC base, free programmable with G-code based on the solid Linux Ubuntu system software.

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