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Since its inception in 1907, Barnes has been considered a world leader in developing innovative new technology and processes to help manufacturers improve product performance, quality and cost. The earliest Barnes honing machines were the first-ever to make honing a practical and efficient means of finishing automotive cylinder bores in a production environment. Barnes became an established presence in the world of manufacturing and their share of the market grew. 

As production requirements increased, so too did Barnes' ability to meet the need for greater speed, accuracy and efficiency. The long history of innovation has today culminated in a new generation of stand-alone machines and complete turnkey systems that deliver improvements in bore accuracy, surface finish, productivity and efficiency that were unimaginable just a decade ago.

Today, Barnes Bore Honing & Finishing Systems belongs to the PRECISION SURFACING SOLUTIONS Group 

Productos y servicios

The Barnes HV series of Vertical Honing Machines are designed dually for general purpose and specialized applications. They combine the latest technology with a modular design which results in a system that delivers consistent and dependable results.

The Barnes HH Series Horizontal Honing machines offer a perfect solution for those applications that involve processing of long tubes and cylinders to a very high accuracy and surface finish. The HH Series is designed for significant stock removal at accelerated feed rates. This model of machine offers many of the same features – servo or hydraulic expansion systems, programmable stroke control, variable spindle speed operation, short stroking and dwell – as the vertical line of machines.


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